The implications of climate change and the threat of diminishing natural resources are compelling us to rethink the way we design, engineer, construct and operate our buildings and infrastructure.

It is inevitable that demand for housing, hospitals, transport, power and other vital infrastructure will rise. This is, of course, good news for our industry. But for development on this scale to be feasible, it must be safe and sustainable.

Traditional construction methods are carbon-intensive – and the built environment is the single biggest source of global CO2 emissions. Collectively, our sector consumes around one-third of the world’s natural resources, generating vast amounts of waste and pollution in the process.

The challenge is enormous – and no organisation can solve it in isolation. However, no matter how small an organisation, we can all make a difference by embracing sustainability, focusing on reducing carbon and eliminating waste.

As a company, we can take simple steps towards reducing daily wastage and carbon emissions – through procurement of responsibly sourced materials, utilisation of modern technology, efficient plant and machinery and good site management.